Return of the Ornament

Curator: Dr. Doron J Lurie.

Opening: Thursday 16.6.2022, 20:00-22:00. Rothchild Fine Art, 48 Yehuda Halevi st Tel Aviv.

Gravity and Grace

I’m happy to invite you to a new group show which both me and my daughter Carmel participate for the first time together, as well as two other artists - Keren Yeala Golan and Yifat Bezalel.

The exhibition “Gravity and Grace” will open Thursday March 17 at 19:00, Parterre Gallery, Frishman 37 Tel Aviv.

״Mashiv Ha’Ruach״

I’m happy and proud that my painting was chosen by “Mashiv Ha’Ruach” Journal of Israely Jewish poetry to show on 2010 winter adition book cover.

Danny Nagar

I’m happy and proud that my Paintings we’re chosen by the poet Dany Nagar and Even-hoshen publishing House to show on Dany Nagars Book cover.

״Iton 77״

Anne's painting was chosen to show on the cover of "Iton 77".
Edition 407, June-July 2019.

New Exhibition - Anne Ben-Or - Reflexion Time

Opening Reception: Thursday 13.8.2020
Rothschild Fine Art
48 Yehuda Halevi st. Tel Aviv

Sitting on a Cloud

I was very happy to paint this Yotam’s Portrait for the cover of Yotam Ben-Or's first album, "Sitting on a Cloud".

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New Exhibition - Anne Ben-Or - State of Mind

Opening Reception: Friday 26.10.2018 at 12:00
Rothschild Fine Art
48 Yehuda Halevi st. Tel Aviv

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New Exhibition - Anne Ben-Or - I to Eye

Opening Reception: Tuesday, 26.6.2018, 18:00
Israel Museum, Jerusalem

BP Portrait Award

I am honored to share with you the news that my portrait was selected for this year's BP Portrait Award at the National Portrait Gallery in London!

The portrait of "Carmel" my daughter is among 52 portraits selected from 2,580 entries by artists from 87 countries around the world.

"The BP Portrait Award is an annual portraiture competition held at the National Portrait Gallery in London, England. It is the most important portrait prize in the world, and is reputedly one of the most prestigious competitions in contemporary art."
The Daily Mail

The BP Portrait Award 2017 exhibition will be exhibited in 4 museums:
1. The National Portrait Gallery London - 22 Jun to 24 Sep 2017.
2. Exeter City Art Gallery - 4 Oct to 4 Dec 2017.
3. Scottish National Portrait Gallery, Edinburgh - w/c 11 Dec 2017 - w/c 19 Mar 2018.
4. Sunderland Museum and Winter Gardens - w/c 26 Mar - w/c 11 Jun 2018.

New Exhibition - Anne Ben-Or - Secret Games

Opening Reception: Thursday 15.12.2016 at 20:00
Rothschild Fine Art
48 Yehuda Halevi st. Tel Aviv

New Exhibition - Anne Ben-Or - Paintings

Curator: Ron Bartos.

Opening: Saturday, January 2nd 12:00
Gallery Talk: Friday, January 15th 12:00
Jerusalem Artists' House, 12 Shmuel Hanagid St.

New Exhibition - Defiance

Rothchild Fine Art, Curated by Irena Gordon

Exhibition opening on Thursday, July 2, starting at 20:00
48 Yehuda Halevi St., Tel Aviv

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New Exhibition - The Intimate Room

Zemack Contemporary Art Gallery, Curated by Dr. Ketzia Alon

Exhibition opening on Thursday, March 15, starting at 20:00
68 Hey B-iyar St., Tel Aviv

New Exhibition - A Season in Heaven

Florentin 45, Tel-Aviv. Curators: Irena Gordon & Gilat Nadivi


New Exhibition - Transparent Flowers

Anne Ben-Or

Curator - Hanush Morag
Opening: 27.2.2010 | 12:00
27.2.2010 - 27.3.2010
Givat Haim Ihud Gallery